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Department Listing

For Railroad Emergencies, call Toll Free:

  • Allegheny Valley, Southwest Pennsylvania, and Ohio Terminal railroads 1-844-426-6400
  • Delmarva Central Railroad 1-844-426-8400

Company Main Number

  • (412) 426-2000

Customer Service

Sales and Marketing

Executive & Administration

  • Russell Peterson, Chairman
  • Mark Rosner, President
  • Jill Porter, Vice President, HR & Administration
  • Ann Clay, Controller
  • Bob Beidl, Accountant


  • John Ashbridge, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Baron Emery, Director Operations, Delmarva Central Railroad

Equipment & Technology

  • J. Alex Lang, Vice President, Equipment & Technology
  • Brian Ortman, Manager of Maintenance of Equipment, Southwest Pennsylvania, and Ohio Terminal railroads
  • Dale Hall, Supervisor of Maintenance of Equipment, Allegheny Valley Railroad
  • Danny Clark, Supervisor of Maintenance of Equipment, Delmarva Central Railroad
  • Paul Hudak, Supervisor of Maintenance of Equipment


  • Matthew Anderson, P.E., Vice President & Chief Engineer
  • Gary Mang, Director of Track Maintenance
  • Dennis Show, Manager of Engineering Administration
  • Leroy Henry, Manager of Track Maintenance, Delmarva Central Railroad
  • Chris McCrum, Construction Manager
  • Adam Zweig, Right-of-Way Manager
  • Justin Sparks, Manager of Signal Maintenance